It's Christmas - All Over. Again.

28 December 2015

It’s Christmas – All Over. Again.

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Before heading out again on yet another long drive, I flipped the radio to the Christmas station, but they were back to playing “oldies.” I think they call them “Classics” now, so as not to upset children of the 70’s and 80’s. Tom Petty specifically.

640f7fee61915bb56d4c63cedcd6120b521e47a4I like Petty, always have. He’s unassuming and yet delivers. I’m almost done reading a new biography of him (a Chanukah gift from my wife). He seems like a normal dude. No rock star ego. I found out he married young and started a family before becoming famous. He began his career with a lot of talented people who would break away from their small towns and do big things. He earned the respect of his heroes. He put up with a lot of bullshit but kept it mostly bottled up. When he did emotionally erupt, it was through his lyrics and music.

I like this book very much.

And I like listening to his songs, but I miss the Christmas music.

I know it was playing for nearly a month, but I miss it.

I didn’t travel to perform as much this holiday season – a deliberate choice. I didn’t watch all of the holiday movies I wanted. We just decorated a week and a half ago, and I’m not ready to take it all down again.

I bought and wrapped gifts. We saw friends and family. We lit candles and said prayers. We baked cookies. I wrote and shared jokes…did my best to make other people happy. I took pictures of smiling people tearing away gift wrap. I smiled, but I wasn’t “here.”

I gained a lot of weight, but I couldn’t tell you how anything tasted.

I didn’t give enough. The holidays, 2015 in general…I was here, but I missed it all somehow.

I wasn’t ready for the holidays to come and go so quickly, but I’m also very happy they’re over. Time for a reset – will try to do better next time.

(If I were a stronger writer – or not in a hurry or not hearing shouting in the other room, I’d find a Petty lyric to close with, to poetically wrap everything up here. Oh well – I’ll just sit here, reveling in my abandon.)

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