Dr Pepper Avengers

Art Direction, Packaging Design, Point of Sale, Merchandising Displays

Agency’s challenge:In anticipation of the biggest superhero movie event of all time and building on the successes of the previous years’ partnerships with Iron Man 2, Thorand Captain America, deliver an all-encompassing promotional program that includes a collectible line of boundary-pushing packaging and merchandising displays.

Our small team of art directors sat in a small conference room and sketched out every awesome idea that popped into our heads. We presented several concepts that spoke to the bigness of the superhero team and drew inspiration from the catchphrase “Avengers Assemble!” Initial concepts included Helicarrier displays and Augmented Reality on pack. The client ultimately chose our can/mosaic concept, and I was left to figure out how to make it actually happen. Working from the Marvel Studios style guide, the goal was to make eight kickass individual cans that assembled together to make something greater once complete.