My Father's Memorial

30 April 2016

My Father’s Memorial

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Can’t say I enjoyed today, but I can’t imagine it having gone any better either.

I spoke second. A judge spoke first, a pastor third. Not bad company to keep.

Then they opened the floor to the other guests, and numerous people went up to share one or two-minute stories and memories. Lots of laughs actually. So many people admitted to getting their meals secretly for free at my dad’s diner.

My brother and I, on the other hand, were charged every time we ate there.

When the pastor asked if there was anyone else who’d like to share, Max, my 11 y/o – without any prompting from anyone – went up and said how the stories made him realize how lucky he was to have such an inspiring grandfather. That he was happy to have known him and have spent time with him. That he wished he could have known him even better.

I’ve been taught that if something terrifies you, then you owe it to yourself to do it. I was terrified today. Terrified that I wouldn’t be able to finish my eulogy without breaking, terrified when my child took the mic (kids are unpredictable). He must have been pretty scared too, but we all made it through.

My 10 minutes got tears and some laughs. Max’s one minute got applause.

The jerk.

Seriously though, it’s easily in my Top 10 Proudest Moments as a parent. His grandfather would’ve been proud too.


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