In the Moment

16 May 2016

In the Moment

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One of the greatest, most mysterious things about stand-up is how “present” it can really be.

You can see (or deliver) a cookie cutter act. You can see a comedian you even like do the same jokes in the same way each time, like they’re on autopilot. Or you can experience something unique that actually breathes.

Last night’s show can only exist as last night’s show. I taped the whole thing, but video will never be the same. I shared things I’ve never shared on stage before. I worked some things out that I may repeat again, but the “magic” won’t be the same. The experiences leading up to last night and the ability to drop the “getting to know you” bullshit and just speak from the heart made the show what it was. Won’t happen again. At least not quite in the same way.

I want to thank the Addison Improv for having us last night. I want to thank Thomas Nichols, Johnny Elbow, and Carey Denise for also being a part of the show. I want to thank each and every one of you who came out to share the night with me.

I’m not bragging – it felt great. 50 minutes wasn’t enough to cover everything and it seemed to fly by. Your laughter from start to finish kept me afloat and gave me the freedom to explore some pretty heavy stuff. Thanks for being with me at every turn. The right kind of audiences make a HUGE difference. Thank you.

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